How Does Online Therapy Service Work over the internet? It may take the form of (real-time) a video call, a voice call, (time-delayed) an email, or a mobile app.

The American Psychological Association has created a set of guidelines for the practice of telepsychology. It mandates adherence to the specialist's scope of practice and state laws, including seeking out formal training and education.

How Does Online Therapy Service Work? The Basics:

If you think telepsychiatry is suited for you, here are some questions to consider:

  • Is it possible to choose your therapist, or is one chosen for you?
  • Do you prefer to meet with a local psychiatrist or someone based in another state?
  • How much does each subscription or session cost?
  • Is your preferred practice accepting your health insurance?
  • What type of platform do you want to use: video call, phone call, instant messaging, email, or chat?

How Does Online Therapy Service Work for You???

As with all clinical appointments, you need to reach out to the practice or therapist to book a session. If you're getting a subscription, you might need to pay before therapy begins. Otherwise, you pay per session.

To schedule a clinical appointment, it is necessary to contact the practice or therapist. If you are opting for a subscription, payment may be required prior to the start of therapy. Otherwise, payment is made per session.

To schedule a clinical appointment, it is necessary to contact the practice or therapist. If you are opting for a subscription, payment may be required prior to the start of therapy. Otherwise, payment is made per session.

Depending on the routine, you can be asked for a preferred date or you will be given open dates to choose from. Your telehealth psychiatrist will discuss the main reason you availed of professional mental health support on your initial consultation. 

They will also review your personal and medical history based on a form you filled out before or during the session. It may take one to three virtual meetings to see if the practice and doctor are a good match for you. If all goes well, you'll move on to your regularly planned sessions.

Your telehealth psychiatrist will develop a therapy plan. It may be a single methodology or a combination of several. It can either remain the same over time or change after a given period.  Remember that each treatment plan is tailored to the specific needs of the patient. 

One patient may be prescribed medication while another will be required to attend psychotherapy. Your doctor may also suggest you work with other medical professionals, like nurses, social workers, psychologists, and occupational therapists, to optimize the treatment plan.

4 Steps To Prepare For An Online Therapy Appointment

Step 1: Secure Privacy

Finding a place where you can concentrate during the online session is vital. It should be a room or an outdoor space free of distractions or loud noises and where you will feel at ease discussing personal concerns. 

To maintain privacy, use headphones or earphones. Notify your family members of your online therapy appointment. Lock the door and, if possible, hang a "do not disturb" sign.

Step 2: Ensure Visibility

Make sure you have enough lighting and a clean, decent background. The platform you are using may have a feature called Change Background, if it is available.

Step 3: Charge Devices Accordingly

Ensure that your computer or mobile device is fully charged and linked to a robust Wi-Fi network to avoid interruptions. 

Step 4: Be Presentable

Take the online consultation as if you are meeting your doctor in person. Wear a decent attire, comb your hair, and straighten your clothes to ensure you look your best.

Reach Out To A Mental Health Professional

Many transactions, businesses, and meetings moved to online platforms when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. It stressed the value of telehealth psychiatry and expanded the reach of private practices. Exploring these options to take better care of your mental health is what Luminous Vitality Behavioral Health can help you with.
In Massachusetts, Luminous Vitality Behavioral Health welcomes adult clients with ADHD, depression, anxiety disorders, OCD, and other mental health conditions. Contact us to book an appointment or fill out our Consultation Request Form.

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