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Dr. Ronald Lee is a leading psychiatrist in Boston with years of experience in mental health and psychiatric care. Under Dr. Lee's care, not only are diverse populations served, but adult patients with all types of mental health needs also get the psychiatric treatment they need.

As a top doctor in psychiatry, Dr. Lee uses thorough research and the latest medical approach to provide adults with the mental health and psychiatric services they need. His professional psychiatric treatment aims to serve patients afflicted with any mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety, addiction and substance use disorders, and mood disorders such as bipolar disorder.

Adult Psychiatrist Certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

As a mental health care expert, Dr. Lee combines decades of accumulated medical research with cutting-edge modern modalities in psychotherapy and pharmacology, to best serve his patients. Dr. Lee attended medical school and received his medical and psychiatric training at some of the top universities throughout the country, including Harvard here in the Boston area.

After receiving his medical degree, he completed postgraduate training at Harvard Medical School and the University of Connecticut. Dr. Lee is an Adult General Psychiatrist certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.

His medical education INCLUDING at Drexel University School of Medicine and Harvard has given Dr. Lee the depth of medical knowledge and expertise needed to treat a wide range of mental illnesses and substance abuse issues in his private psychiatric practice.

Eclectic Knowledge in Medicine and Research to Provide Psychiatric Mental Health Care

Dr. Lee prides himself on having an eclectic academic background, to help better understand the complex human condition. Preceding his medical degree, he completed a Bachelor’s of Science at the University of Michigan in Political Science. He went on to obtain a Master’s degree at Georgetown University in Human Physiology and Biophysics before attending medical school.

Dr. Lee is a deeply committed, licensed and board-certified psychiatrist who can provide his clinical psychiatric services, mental health care, and medication management to new patients suffering from psychiatric disorders and substance use disorders.

Telepsychiatry and Mental Health Care From Boston Psychiatrists

What to expect and how to prepare for visits?
Device either fully charged or plugged in
Sufficient lighting (Near window for sunlight, or enough artificial light such as lamps)
Take a few minutes while setting up to mentally prepare

Fees and Insurance

Initial Evaluation/Consultation = $400
60 minutes (CPT code 99205-95 for receipt/”super-bill”)

Follow–up visits = $250
25 minutes (CPT codes 99213-95 PLUS 90833-95)

(These are streamlined times/codes that should suffice for the majority of my patients, however everyone is unique; if you require alternative time parameters, for example, longer follow-ups for more intensive therapy, please inquire).
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Who Can Be Treated?

Dr Lee is board certified in General Adult Psychiatry, which generally services patients whose ages can range from 18-65. He has spent years providing culturally sensitive care and quality care regardless of a person's gender, sexual identity, race, nationality, political views, religion, spiritual practices, or any other social determinants. Above all, Dr Lee is deeply committed to helping anyone suffering from psychiatric illnesses or substance use disorders through careful addiction treatment.

Dr Lee is able to treat patients who are over the age of 18, which unfortunately means he cannot provide child and adolescent services or adolescent psychiatry. Additionally, due to local restrictions within Massachusetts, he cannot accept patients who have any type of government funded health insurance.

What Types of Psychiatry Needs are Treated?

Dr Lee treats a very wide range of psychiatric illnesses and psychotic disorders. Below, you will find a non-comprehensive list of some mental health conditions and psychiatric illnesses that Dr Lee has treated.

Anxiety Disorders: which can include generalized anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, social anxiety disorders, and phobias
Substance Use Disorders: substance abuse requires specialized addiction psychiatry and addiction treatment to cut to the core of the substance use disorders. You will need a trained psychiatry professional like Dr Lee to provide addiction treatment in a safe and non-judgemental way.
Bipolar Disorder and Other Mood Disorders
Consultation Liaison Psychiatry
Psychiatric Medication Management: medication may be discussed, and it is advised that this occurs during a scheduled appointment to ensure in depth understanding of the circumstances.
Eating Disorders: disordered eating is very dangerous and can take on many forms and requires the alert attention of qualified and certified psychiatrists in Boston.
Evaluation for Disability Claims/Status: this service can only be provided to patients who have been a patient of Dr Lee for at least six months, so that he might truthfully attest to any claims/opinions proffered.
Relationship issues: if relationships in your life have begun to suffer, it may be time to look inwardly and seek psychodynamic psychotherapy to gain clarity and understanding.
These adult services and treatment of mental illness have already helped numerous adult patients. If you or a loved one requires clinical services with a program's focus and a personal treatment plan, then Dr Lee and his private practice is likely the right place to help you.

What Does Treatment Look Like?

We understand that for new patients it is beneficial to understand what treatment looks like. Firstly, it is encouraged to submit an appointment request as a new patient. This will allow Dr Lee to schedule you for an Initial Evaluation or Consultation to help determine the mental health care you require and help understand any history of psychiatric illnesses.

Dr Lee is one of the best mental health professionals providing clinical services and psychiatric services through tele psychiatric services. Through transparent, thoughtful consultation and appointments, you will be able to seek the right kind of treatment, whether it is addiction psychiatry or addiction treatment, medication management, or treatment for many of the other types of mental health conditions that may be affecting you.

New patients of all ages, including young adults and those seeking geriatric psychiatry should be aware of their own health insurance policy and what may be covered in it. It may be that some of the cost is deductible, but this must be communicated with your provider upfront as payment will be needed when you receive your mental health treatment.

If you are a new patient with upcoming appointments, try not to be nervous. The initial appointment is a consultation that lasts about one hour and will be used as motivational interviewing, allowing Dr Lee to understand your reason for being there and to discuss your medical history. This will be followed with later appointments to ensure the right treatment plan is designed carefully and correctly.

Remember, for emergency psychiatric services it is best to seek immediate help by calling 911. Emails and calls to Dr Lee may not be sufficient at the moment, and therefore it is better to call 911 at the moment and then follow up with Dr Lee at a later time when the emergency has been managed.

What is Tele Psychiatry?

Tele psychiatry is a wonderful resource for anyone suffering from a mental health issue, such as anxiety disorders, mood disorders, or psychotic disorders. It allows for mental health professionals to connect in a safe and convenient way with patients throughout their local area or even State-wide. This is possible because tele psychiatry takes place over secure video conferencing technology that has been approved as HIPAA-compliant.

For psychiatrists in Boston this allows for more flexible treatment options and a better ability to diverse populations served with high quality psychiatric services, including medication management. You will still receive outstanding clinical services and quality care, but from the convenience of your home or another safe and private space. Furthermore, a board certified psychiatrist is still able to prescribe medication even when practicing remotely.

World-class research has shown that telepsychiatry can be just as effective and useful for patients as in person treatment is. It can take courage to begin psychiatry and some find it a more convenient and balanced approach to begin through remote psychiatry. Additionally, health concerns due to the novel The current pandemic has reinforced the necessity for different types of psychiatry for different mental health conditions. While it is still recommended that for emergency psychiatric services you reach out to in person adult services, tele psychiatry is a wonderful alternative in most other cases.


Georgetown Diploma Masters
Georgetown Diploma Masters
Drexel University  College of Medicine
Drexel University 
College of Medicine
Residency Diploma University of CT
University of Connecticut
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