Initial Evaluation/Consultation = $400
60 minutes (CPT code 99205-95 for receipt/”super-bill”)

Follow–up visits = $250
25 minutes (CPT codes 99213-95 PLUS 90833-95)

(These are streamlined times/codes that should suffice for the majority of my patients, however everyone is unique; if you require alternative time parameters, for example, longer follow-ups for more intensive therapy, please inquire).

How to Submit For Reimbursement Through Insurance

Though I require full payment at the time of service, many patients with Out Of Network (OON) benefits choose to submit claims for reimbursement to their health insurance company. Deductibles and co-pays may apply.

Additionally, there may be a difference between my fee and the allowable fee determined by your OON plan. Please contact your insurance company directly beforehand for information on submitting reimbursement requests for OON service (see below for guidance).

There is an app Reimbursify (IOS/Android) to electronically take the receipt (aka a “super-bill”) I provide for quickest electronic submission to your insurance company, assuming OON reimbursement, shortly following each visit.
Questions you should direct towards your insurance include: 
What are my Out of Network Benefits?
How much is my deductible?
After I meet my deductible, how much will you reimburse for visits to OON Providers? (quote the CPT codes mentioned above)
Is there a limit to the number of visits you will reimburse for?
How do I submit the receipt or superbill my doctor provided for possible reimbursement?
Due to legal restrictions, I am prohibited from seeing patients who have Medicare, Medicaid, or any governmental-sponsored insurance (ex. MassHealth), under ANY circumstances, even if privately paid.
Request an Appointment
Request an initial appointment by clicking the link to register for the patient portal.

You are NOT financially committed to anything until you enter your payment information AND your appointment is confirmed!!
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