First visit
Initial appointments are considered consultations, lasting approximately 1 hour.
Filling out the requested clinical forms is a requirement to qualify for an initial visit since that will help us complete this consultation efficiently and effectively.
It may take up to three appointments to determine whether we may be an appropriate therapeutic fit for treatment (most commonly one-two). If I feel we are not, I will let you know immediately, and I ask that you do the same.
Following the initial evaluation session(s), we would either mutually decide to move forward with treatment, or either party may decide to discontinue
My fees are for my time and expertise, not expected medications/treatment, even if we do not agree
If either party decides to discontinue treatment due to a lack of therapeutic fit, I will do my best to provide a referral for a clinician that might provide a more ideal fit for you.
Missed initial appointments are not guaranteed to be rescheduled.
Coordination / communication with your providers
For optimal health, every patient should have a primary care physician (PCP, family doctor, internist).
Patients with prior psychiatric treatment histories may benefit from review of records before or during treatment.
I may or may not agree with treatment decisions made by prior doctors including those involving medication and will review existing records released in making a determination.
Declining a release of information and records is your right, but may result in my not feeling comfortable resuming treatment initiated by a prior provider.
Appointments and frequency
The frequency of appointments will be tailored to your needs, and generally decrease upon progression of treatment with presumed stability, for example beginning with once weekly and progressing to once every 1–2 months.
A minimum frequency of visits of at least every 3 months is expected without mutual discussion or agreement.
If we have not met in over 3 months, you may be discharged from treatment, and I cannot responsibly continue to prescribe medications or provide treatment.
Until further notice, I only provide psychiatric care through appropriate videoconferencing
If during screening or initial visit, I determine that the modality of tele-psychiatry is not appropriate for you, I will provide you with names of other providers/clinics that offer in-person visits
Please inform me of any medication refill needs at least a week in advance.
Since prescribing without appropriate monitoring is unsafe, I generally provide enough medication to get you to our next appointment, and typically, a 2–4 week refill should you unexpectedly need to reschedule that follow-up.
If you feel a different dose or entirely new medication is necessary, a scheduled appointment is required; doing so over phone or messaging would be difficult to achieve responsibly.
It is the patient’s responsibility to inform me of any medication changes made by other doctors, as well as to inform other doctors of the medications I prescribe or change.
For any reason, at any time, an unscheduled urine drug screen may be ordered by me, and failure to comply may result in discharge.
Receiving treatment from multiple psychiatric providers, unbeknownst to me, at the same time, is reason for discharge.
Payment and fees
Payment is expected in full at the time of each visit, payable by debit, credit, or HSA card a secure portal, which must be provided by you prior to our first appointment, and maintained on file to continue treatment.
Unforeseen and severe financial hardships should be brought to my attention immediately to produce an appropriate action plan to avoid any interruptions in your care.
Late/cancelled/missed visits
If you are late for the appointment, the appointment time will not be extended, to avoid compromising care for the following patient.
You will be charged for the full appointment if late/missed.
Cancellations/rescheduling made within 24–48 hours of appointment time will be charged half the appointment fee, if before 48 hours of appointment time, there is no fee.
No insurances to my knowledge will reimburse for the above fees.
Email/messages are not appropriate for emergencies.
If unable to reach me immediately during an emergency, call 911 or get to the nearest emergency room.
If you are hospitalized psychiatrically, please facilitate the inpatient psychiatrist coordinating care with me (by signing a release of information, for example).
Not facilitating open communication as above may result in discharge from my care if I am not comfortable treating you safely as a result.
Medical records
You have the right to obtain/review your own health information. Request a copy of your records by submitting a written request via email or through the portal. There will be a minimal fee to cover any associated cost, which you would have to approve of prior to release of your records.
Termination of treatment
Treatment with me at this clinic is always voluntary. Reasons one might choose to stop treatment might come with my recommendation, or not. The moment I believe my treatment is not benefiting you, I would urge you to seek an alternative psychiatrist, who may provide a different perspective, expertise, or setting most suited to your care. Likewise, should you feel we are not “meshing” ideally as Doctor/Patient, communication with me might best facilitate your transition or clarify any miscommunication.

Some exceptional cases may necessitate termination of treatment from my end. Examples include:
Noncompliance with recommendations, resulting in ineffective care
2 cancelled or missed appointments with less than 24 hours’ notice
Failure to follow up with treatment for 3+ months without mutual agreement beforehand. If you request re-enrollment in the clinic after discharge, a new intake may be required to fill in any gaps of information
Nonparticipation, or unsafe disagreement with treatment recommendations
Failure to pay for treatment at the time of treatment
If you demonstrate grossly inappropriate, threatening, or intimidating behavior
I discover you are seeing another psychiatrist/physician to manage the same/similar condition without notifying me
I am unwilling to prescribe medications or treatment based on medications prescribed by another provider I do not feel I can safely co–manage
You require a higher level of care or treatment modality beyond my specific scope of expertise
Inappropriate use of prescriptions or misuse of medications from other providers
Evidence surfaces that you are abusing, giving away, selling, or trading medication
You request for me to be untruthful or misrepresent diagnosis/treatment recommendations, for example to obtain inappropriate benefits
I reserve the right to terminate a patient from my practice without providing written reason, though I will provide written notice of discharge.

If appropriate, I will remain responsible for your care up to 30 days following notice of discharge/termination. Refilling medications in such cases will be based on my discretion and judgment.
Request an Appointment
Request an initial appointment by clicking the link to register for the patient portal.

You are NOT financially committed to anything until you enter your payment information AND your appointment is confirmed!!
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