Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a common mental health issue that often requires medication and other treatment options. However, many of the medications are considered controlled substances. A telehealth psychiatrist can help you get access to your medications even when you can't attend an appointment in person.

We're proud to offer comprehensive care for our patients with ADHD, ranging from the evaluation to medication management.

What Is ADHD?

ADHD is a common mental disorder that affects both adults and children. The American Psychiatric Association (APA) lists common symptoms like inattentiveness, hyperactivity, and impulsiveness.

Treatments include prescription medicine and therapy. Treating ADHD is a process that often includes plenty of appointments and visits to a doctor's office. Traditionally, it requires an in-person medical evaluation. However, online therapy and diagnosis have become more mainstream due to the national emergency created by COVID-19.

1. Teletherapy for ADHD Evaluation

If you don't yet have an ADHD diagnosis, telemedicine services could help you get the care you need. Instead of taking hours out of your day to visit a medical clinic in person, you can meet with a psychiatrist over a video call.

Evaluation appointments can run long, and opting for a telemedicine appointment can save you time by cutting out the commute. You'll also have the benefit of being in a comfortable, familiar place during your evaluation, avoiding the potential awkwardness of sitting in a clinic.

A video evaluation is much like a traditional one. However, patients should follow certain guidelines during a video call to ensure that it meets the state's board's standards.

2. Difficulty Traveling

If you have trouble traveling to medical clinics and arriving at appointments, you are an excellent candidate for telemedicine services.

Rural patients may not have the time to spend hours on the road for each appointment, and this option can provide better support for them. Elderly or physically disabled patients may also appreciate the convenience of virtual sessions.

Mental health providers that offer video conferencing appointments strive to offer quality services, just as they would in person.

4. Monitoring ADHD

If you already have a diagnosis and a treatment plan in place, keeping up with your mental health care can be daunting. Many patients find it frustrating to deal with canceled appointments and other bureaucratic concerns. If you are social distancing, you'll likely want to avoid making an in-person visit to hospitals and psychiatrist offices.

However, monitoring ADHD is an important part of treating the disorder. Switching to virtual appointments allows your provider to continue checking in with you, and it even provides a form of face-to-face interaction.

If regular in-person visits are inconvenient, telemedicine visits provide the opportunity to have your treatment delivered straight to your home. We can go over your symptoms, discuss the effectiveness of your medication, and adjust the dosage as needed.

5. ADHD Medication

Dealing with controlled substances can be challenging for a patient. It often involves more logistical barriers and stricter pharmacy rules than most medications. Our telehealth services cut down on inconveniences while providing the same support our customers have come to expect.

Prescriptions for controlled substances are often the last resort, and many psychiatrists will try other options first. However, ADHD has been known to respond well to several medications that are strictly regulated by the federal government. Until recently, it was not possible to prescribe them over telemedicine meetings.

Telehealth services make it easier for rural and disadvantaged patients to get necessary medical treatment without needing to spend hours traveling to a doctor's office.

What Does This Mean for Prescribing ADHD Medication?

Many ADHD medications are controlled substances subject to strict regulations. In recent years, laws have been adapted to allow qualified professionals to prescribe medications that fit into a treatment plan.

If you rely upon medication that falls into this category, it's still possible to switch to virtual meetings with your mental health professional. However, they may want to reevaluate you before prescribing the same medication, and you may need to present to the local lab urine drug screens randomly (every few months, on average, per year) per DEA recommendations/oversight.

Teletherapy for ADHD: Next Steps

Once you've made the decision to pursue treatment, you'll need to find a clinic offering telemedicine for ADHD treatment. You may want to shop around and make appointments with your top candidates to find the best fit for your needs.

Many psychiatrists offer initial consultations that allow the two of you to meet virtually and determine if you are a good fit. Scheduling your first telehealth appointment is a big step in taking you closer to effective treatment!

Luminous Vitality Behavioral Health is focused on psychiatry practice. Our licensed psychiatrist, Dr. Ronald Lee, has expertise in ADHD evaluation and medical care. However, requests for treatment of this condition are so overwhelmingly large compared to other psychiatric disorders, that we have to pre-screen diagnostically before treating psychiatrically, in order to provide balance for all patients and everyone’s needs.  So, for example, if you believe you would benefit from a medication for ADHD, if a non-stimulant option such as Strattera was not effective for you, it would save time and energy for you to present to the office with 1 of 2 things already obtained:

  1.  A letter from a recent (past 6 months) board certified psychiatrist (MD or DO) prescribing you such a medication, stating they have Diagnosed and Treated you for  a specified condition (ADHD, for example) from _(starting date)_ to _(ending date)_.
  2. A neuropsychologist report, from a board-certified neuropsychologist, who can proffer an opinion your diagnosis has been confirmed via extensive testing (this can vary, but most typically 3-6 hours of in-person testing).

Should Option 1 not be viable, for whichever reason, and you wish to proceed with option 2, we have specific neuropsychologists we can refer you to for such testing, sometimes expedited.  Call/email for details!

We have excellent patient satisfaction ratings and a welcoming attitude to all patients.If you need ADHD treatment from an expert psychiatrist Massachusetts patients can rely on, our telemedicine services are available and can help them manage their medications remotely. Contact us at Luminous Vitality Behavioral Health today!

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